The Colorado Prevention Alliance (CPA) is a collaborative of more than 30 of Colorado’s leading public and private health insurers and other healthcare partners. The CPA supports an expanded, system-wide focus on prevention as a critical component of chronic disease prevention and management. Our mission is to reduce the prevalence of the most common chronic conditions while promoting increased adherence to screening, preventive care and treatments for more than 3 million covered Coloradans.


    • Encourage a common understanding of evidence-based and best practices for disease prevention, screening and treatment among public and private health insurers.


    • Increase awareness about the inputs and outputs of the healthcare system that impact population health, including the social and economic determinants of health across a person’s lifespan.

    We strive to engage public and private health insurers and other community stakeholders in promoting preventive health and screening services for all Coloradans.


    Leverage the collective capacity of public, private and community health agencies to encourage healthy behaviors and preventive health services (in alignment with the State of Colorado and National Prevention Alliance Strategies) through outreach to covered Coloradans.

Why it Matters

The majority of deaths and current health care costs can be attributed to preventable illnesses and injuries. The Trust for America's Health estimates that an annual investment of $10 per Coloradan in disease prevention could save more than $232 million annually in health care costs after five years. This represents a return of more than $5 for every dollar invested.


Systematically increasing the focus on disease prevention is integral to a more efficient, effective health system. The CPA is dedicated to identifying where people can make improvements in their own health and where health plans can join forces to focus their collective efforts and resources on making preventive care more accessible to more people.