Our Projects

Our projects focus on integrating health  systems, clinical care and community resources to increase access to preventive services.


The CPA’s programmatic efforts address disease prevention, early identification and increased adherence to preventive care and treatment guidelines. We enthusiastically support initiatives aimed at disease prevention across a person’s lifespan. These initiatives also focus on schools and healthy living for children, the physical/built environment and overall physical and mental wellbeing from the earliest stages of an individual’s life.  All CPA initiatives are designed to link public and private health systems, leveraging their individual resources to expand access to cost-effective preventive services that impact population health.

CPA Workgroups

The common requirement for all work groups is that each must accomplish something together that is better than the individual participants could accomplish alone.


CPA members work together to prioritize health issues and then task individual workgroups with identifying, resourcing and implementing evidence-based interventions. Workgroups are open to all partners, as well as subject matter experts from participating organizations. Workgroups also foster opportunities for sharing industry best practices and challenges, resulting in a greater understanding of the healthcare community and potential intersections for collaboration.